Mission Statement


The mission statement of the Bakken Amateur Radio Society Repeater is:

  1. 1)To provide HT and mobile coverage north of the 694 metro loop where there is little HT coverage from metro repeaters

  1. 2)To provide a platform for learning, experimentation, and advancement of Amateur Radio skills and art. And to have FUN!

  1. 3)To encourage networking, sharing, and exchange of “interesting” technical information where people are encouraged to help each other out.

Additional information about the repeater:

The repeater operates as a “benevolent dictatorship”. Club membership is not required. There are no dues and you will never be solicited for contributions. While it is desired to have a top-performing repeater, there is no guarantee that the repeater will be on the air. (Making things better tends to break things as well.) You are encourage to benefit from the experience of others and to contribute where you can - no matter what your skill set, because all skills are interesting and are needed!

Please be respectful of all users and help bring new users into the fold. Many new hams are nervous about making contacts, so they would appreciate your help in sharing what you know.

Disrespectful or inflammatory comments are discouraged. In the end, we’re all in this together. Please contribute where you can to make this an enjoyable community.


Chris K9EQ, your humble benevolent dictator :-)